Gary Curson. The Number.

Gary performs with Dreamtime and has played with Louis Moholo Trio and Viva La Black and Keith Tippet's Wild Card, among others below.

Louis Moholo Trio & Quartet

  • Louis Moholo (drums)
  • John Edwards (bass)
  • Gail Brand (trombone)
  • Gary Curson (sax)

Viva La Black

  • Louis Moholo (drums)
  • Claude Deppa (trumpet)
  • Francine Luce (vocals)
  • and various line-ups


  • Nick Evans (trombone)
  • Jim Dvorak (trumpet)
  • Keith Tippett (piano)
  • Roberto Bellatalla (bass)
  • Jim Lebaigue (drums)
  • Gary Curson (sax)

Dreamtime's latest album, Cathanger, can be purchased from CD Universe


  • Paul Dunmall
  • Paul Rogers
  • John Law
  • Claude Deppa
  • Brian Abrahams
  • Jon Corbett
  • Simon Picard
  • Marcio Mattos
  • Tony Marsh
  • Maggie Nichols
  • Tony Levin
  • Courtney Pine
  • Hugh Metcalfe
  • Alan Tomlinson
  • Paul Rutherford
  • Alan Wilkinson
  • Ashley Slater
  • Annie Whitehead

The Making of Quiet Things. Album cover.

The Making of Quiet Things was recorded at The Vestry studio at the London College of Music in 2006. Read more about the recording of The Making of Quiet Things.

The album is out now on Slam Productions.

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The Making of Quiet Things is out now on Slam Productions.

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"Magnificent, incandescent, full on free Improv with a strong melodic element."

"Full on, fiercely interactive interplay utilising the entire dynamic and textural range of each instrument"